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Parish of St. Catherine of Siena

Parish of St. Catherine of Siena - Parish S. Catherine

DONNALUCATA not to be confused with Donnafugata imaginary country in the novel "The Leopard", Donnafugata still exists today the castle where the famous movie was filmed. Donnalucata instead is a country on the sea shore along the southern coast of Sicily in the province of Ragusa. Here, the land slopes gently dall'altopiano jagged, twisted fields divided by low walls of rough stones, bushes and trees. Closer to the country begins the area of the greenhouses where the first fruits are treated, both by co-operatives, both by peasant proprietors. The country stretches for a mile is adapting to the demands of tourism. Through the houses, were born hotels, guest houses restaurants. Along the beach you can see the colorful boats of fishermen. I bought fish here every morning still flicker in wooden boxes of fish market stalls.

From Catania: Highway Catania-Ragusa-Marina di Ragusa Donnalucata
From Agrigento: Highway 115-Gela-Agrigento Ragusa

Siracusa 100 km
Catania 114 Km
Agrigento 143 km
Taormina km 163
Palermo 281 Km
AST bus - Catania / Donnalucata - Airport to the city of Donnalucata