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The Parish - Sac. Rosario Sultana

The Parish - Sac. Rosario Sultana - Parish S. Catherine

Sac. Nello Garofalo


  • Parish Administrator of Donnalucata 
  • Diocesan Director of the Office for the building of worship 
  • Deputy Diocesan Treasurer's Office


mail: info@chiesadonnalucata.it

Why Source of hours?

Why Source of hours? - Parish S. Catherine
The inspiration that gave its name to our portal has its genesis in the origin of the name of the town of Donnalucata derived from an ancient source. A traveler in Arabic, Al Idris (Latinized to Odrysian) sent fact, the Sultan Saladin, a report said to have found a source that flowed five times daily, at precise hours and those in the Muslim prayers. He said he found "Awqat Al Ayn," or spring of the hours, which was Latinized Donnalucata. This news is also confirmed by the writer Masâlik Al 'Absar. The name of the source then turned to indicate the place. Someone once thought to be able to identify that source (which no longer protected from the sea would lose its character) in "Ugghie (freshwater springs) on the shore of Micenci.
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