Welcome to our new Website

Welcome to our new Website - Parish S. Catherine

The Parish of Saint Catherine of Siena Donnalucata after eight years has remade the look of its website (www.fontedelleore.it) with which informs and enlivens the Christian life of his parish community.

It was 2003 when for the first time the parish of St. Catherine of Siena Donnalucata had its first website, have since spent eight years in which our way of feeling close to the parish community has changed because of the increasing advance of instruments of the new digital continent. The old site needed a makeover - maintains the Rosary Parish Priest Fr Sultana - for easier content management and updates, so it was necessary to switch to Web 2.0. And here is the new site fontedelleore.it which we hope to please everyone... Continue>>

Waiting for the Pope in Palermo

Waiting for the Pope in Palermo - Parish S. Catherine

The look of courage ... hope for education

Consult the Regional Youth Ministry and the Regional Pastoral Family propose a conference for the diocesan teams, leaders of movements, associations, church groups etc.. present in the churches of Sicily, for reflection, comparing mutual enrichment. The topic of discussion will be "THE LOOK OF COURAGE .. education for hope. "
We aim then to return the gaze of Jesus Christ, to feel deeply loved by him and with this love be brave seed transfiguration of our society.

Pope Benedict XVI will conclude the Conference. meet all young people and families and give your wise and authoritative word, so that the Sicilians can always find the courage to witness to the faith and live in hope of achieving a better future... Continue>>

They speak of the young boys ...

Hello raga! How did you know our group? ... No?? Well ... I'll tell us.
It all started in 2002 with the arrival of our parish priest Father Rosario Sultana, which encourage young people of our township to approach the parish decided to start the initiative of the young group, formed by children of the post-confirmation.
Do you think that we are dedicated only to prayer??
Well ... you are wrong. Our group meets once a week, during which we share your ideas... Continue>>

A new, larger church in Donnalucata

Virtual tour of our church

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